Android Has Made $31 Billion So Far For Google!

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Google has put in a huge effort on Android; its mobile operating system. It is making Google a lot of money but we don’t exactly know how much. But figures have come to light recently thanks to a court case between Google and Oracle.

For those of you who are uninitiated with Google and Oracle case; the whole thing started back in 2010 when Oracle brought a class action lawsuit against Google for using Java. Java is the programming language used by Google but owned by Oracle. The battle has been going for a very long time but no final results have come.

A recent court hearing made public brought out some very interesting figures from Google. The first one, I reported yesterday was about how much Google pays Apple to be the default search engine and today we have the numbers of Android.

Since the introduction, Google has generated $31 billion from Android out of which $22 billion is profit. A cool number considering Android is free to use.

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Google makes money from Android by the ad revenue that gets generated and by taking a portion from the Google Play Store purchases.

As the court hearing keeps going, we will get more and more info regarding the two companies.

(Via Bloomberg)

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