How to Maintain a Camera

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It is no doubt that Digital cameras have become essential item in our life. Digital cameras are delicate and sensitive and they need to be handled with utmost care. Proper maintenance  can prolong a digital camera’s life. Here are some of the simple tips by following them working life of a digital camera can be prolonged.

  • It is very important to always clean your digital camera before every using it. You can use a muslin cloth for this purpose. A soft brush can also be used to remove the dust particles accumulated in the memory card slot.
  • The most sensitive part in the digital camera is its lens. It needs to be cleaned with extra caution and safety. Any stain or spot in the lens may affect the quality of the image. So, it is important to clean the lens whenever required. Never use a tissue paper or paper towel to clean the lens. It is always recommended to use fiber cloth or a soft brush to clean the lens. Also use draw-circle professional lens cleaning paper.

  • It is also essential to keep your digital cameras away from direct sun light as it may affect the sensitive parts. So always keep your camera in dry place free from electromagnetic radiation. Avoid high temperature as it may damage the circuit board. It is also not advisable to operate digital cameras in low temperatures. Keep your camera away from water and other liquids. Accidental spillage of such liquids may result in malfunction of the camera. In case if water is spilled over the camera, remove the batteries immediately and wipe with a dry cloth and blow hot air all over the body. After a few minutes, reload the batteries and switch on the camera.
  • Always carry the digital camera in a safe carry case or cover. This may avoid impact and shocks to your camera.
  • Care should be taken to the LCD screens. You can cover the camera with a scratch guard. It can be wiped with a dry cloth. Avoid direct contact of the screens with your hands as excess pressure may result in malfunctioning or improper display of the screen.
  • It is also pertinent to have a memory card compatible to your memory card slot. Any variance will result in undesired result. Clean the slot with the help of a brush or with an air balloon. Avoid using damaged cards in to the memory slot.
  • Batteries are the integral parts of your camera as they give life to your cameras. Never leave the batteries in the device for a prolonged time. Sometimes the batteries may explode due to any short circuit or accidental discharge. This may harm both the user and the device. After using your digital camera, it is always recommended to remove the batteries from the gadget and store them in dry place.
  • One of the important things is to taking care while transferring the files from your camera to your computers. Improper earthling may lead to short circuiting of your digital camera. Never disconnect your device while transferring files from your digital camera to computers. Virus or malicious program may corrupt your camera’s memory system. So, make sure of this stuff every time when transferring files.


  • It is necessary to service your camera in your nearest authorized service dealer once in a year. This could increase the efficiency of the camera. However, it is risky to have the camera checked by nonprofessionals.
  • Most important, it is always recommended to handle your camera on your own in order to avoid unnecessary problems. If you take into account the above simple tips, you can maximize your camera’s performance and durability. This will not only increase the stability of your camera but will also give you a new dimension to your digital photography.

By following the above tips your guaranteed that your camera will work properly and its life will be prolonged. So remember those tips and enjoy taking pictures!

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