IPad 3 Or Ipad 2?

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We all heard that iPad 2 was in the production line and was coming out soon, but there are rumors about an iPad 3. Yes you heard it right and IPAD 3!

Before you start saying that this is a joke, well some big names are already quoting sources about an upcoming iPad, not the iPad 2 but another one this fall. So we have to say it would be an iPad 3. So-called industry analysts are betting on the release of the iPad 3 this fall. “Insiders” are revealing that Apple has a big surprise coming up, no its not the iPad 2 or the iPhone 5 its another smaller tablet or the iPad 3!

These so-called analyst have no concrete evidence apart from rather vague details about the iPad 3. Only time will tell if these iPad 3 rumors are true. As far as the iPad 2 is concerned, it is already in production line, so wait a little bit more to get your hands on an iPad 2.

As for the iPad 3, rumors are pointing to a smaller screen iPad sort of like a big version of an iPhone and that it will be out this fall. So Steve Jobs is still calling the shots even while on leave. Lets see what happens soon.

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