Apple Goes Against Piracy: Sends Take Down Notices To Apptrackr

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It was about time. Apple has sent take down notices to Apptrackr, the creators of cracked applications of iOS such as installous. A move by Apple which has long been sought after by developers and users a like.

Apptrackr cracked

For those people who are not much aware of Apptrackr, it is the team behind applications like installous which host cracked applications of iOS such as games, iBook, and many more.

Apptrackr via a blog post on installous have mentioned about Apple going against them.

Over the last several months, Apple has been scraping apptrackr for links and sending huge takedown notices for a ton of content. We’ve been working to keep apptrackr up-to-date, but the only (effective) way to prevent automated takedowns was to add a CAPTCHA to outbound links. In addition, we finished moving our servers to several different countries earlier this week. This has raised our costs far beyond what we can afford with declining donations, meaning that we will have to place an advertisement on that CAPTCHA page.”

To keep cracked applications float, Apptrackr has added CAPTCHAs to outbound links and have moved their servers to different countries which do not have strong piracy laws.

This move by Apple will we welcomed by many developers as they have been hard hit by these cracked applications but this will not stop Apptrackr or other cracked applications it will only slow them. Still a step towards the right direction.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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6 Comments to Apple Goes Against Piracy: Sends Take Down Notices To Apptrackr

  1. I personally love Installous. Perhaps if Apple had a return policy of some sort on the purchase of their apps people wouldn’t be so willing to use such methods. I am more then willing to pay full price for an app if I know I will use it.

  2. I agree paying for something because the box looks great can be a ripp off! That’s what the App Store taught me. I spent a lot of $$ to only delete, delete, delete. I use Installous to test drive my apps. Most require addl purchase to upgrades & add-ons, that’s where the price tag should start.

  3. Even apptraker is supported by apple back door tactics just to make the people have thier gadget spread . Soon u will understand…

  4. I think that I will never ever buy anything from Apple Store until they stop exploiting chinese children.

  5. I could care less about paying. I believe all apps should be free. Forget the copy right crap! If I want something for free I am gonna find a way to get it! They need to forget all this copy right/ protect Ip crap because people will just find a way to get around the system.
    I hate apple anyways! They over charge! This way I won’t get overcharged for anything or unauthorized charges.

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