Here Is How Much Apple’s iPad 3 Will Cost

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Those of you who simply can’t get enough rumours regarding iPad 3, we have another one. This time prices of the next generation iPad have been leaked by the folks over at 9to5mac. Well check out the price matrix below.

how much iPad 3 will cost

There was a rumour going around a couple of days ago that the prices of iPad 3 will increase by about $70-80. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. The prices for the iPad 3 are going to be identical to the prices of the current iPad 2 mode.

We had been hearing a lot of rumour regarding Apple’s iPad 3 is going to have 4G LTE technology. Well we hate to break it to you but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The screen shot above reveals no 4G LTE iPad 3.

When it comes to Apple you never know, they might actually surprise us with a 4G LTE iPad 3. Whatever seems to be the case, we are sure of something about the new iPad 3. It is expected that the new iPad will have a retina display which has been talked a lot about recently. Other features include an 8MP camera, faster chip most probably an A6 processor.

iPad 3 is to be unveiled to the world on March 7 and you can be sure Maypalo is going to cover all the aspects of the iPad 3. Make sure you stay tuned.

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