A Designer’s Review On The Design Of The iPhone 5 (Detail Review)

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Most of you have probably seen the images of an iPhone 5 which have been published by numerous blogs/sites all over the world. Some of you have loved the design while on the other hand some were a bit let down by the overall design of the iPhone 5. Well most of us simply look at the images of the iPhone 5 and say either it’s good or bad but there are some out there who dwell into the details. Lets get a detailed review on the design of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Design Review

Don Lehman is a Chicago based industrial designer who took sometime and thoroughly went through the images of the iPhone 5 and pointed out some very interesting facts. So lets have a look at them and see what changes Apple has made to this year’s iPhone.

 iPhone 5 Unibody

One of the first and most easily distinguishable feature of the next generation iPhone is the unibody. For those of you who are not aware of other Apple products, Apple uses unibody on its Mac line-up. And, the greatest advantage of using this unibody for the iPhone is that it makes the iPhone 5; stronger, lighter, thinner.

Just like Apple’s Macbooks.

But as you can see from the images and videos leaked, the unibody is not extended all the way as the top and the bottom portion are made from a different material.

So why this?

Well Lehman explains this as a very clever piece of designing from Apple. What Apple did is that; it uses the top and bottom portion for transmitting signals unlike the entire steel band it did for the iPhone 4 which caused the antennagate fiasco.

For transmitting signals, a type of material is used that does not block those important signals which are used to make calls. Therefore the bottom and the top portion will be made out of glass or plastic which kind of act as windows for transmitting signals, or in other words do not block the signals which can be blocked by metal. Therefore the entire unibody does not extend to the top and lower portions.

The “bosses” which you can see from the image below are crucial part of the design according to Lehman. The bosses (screw attachment points) play an important role in making the iPhone 5 stronger, thinner and lighter. They act as one piece instead of separate parts therefore giving the iPhone 5 an overall stronger feeling.


 Improving The iPhone 5

 Apple wants iPhone 5 to be a world phone, giving it the ability to be used on all carriers/networks worldwide. Therefore it is improving on all previous problems faced by the iPhone 4S/4 models.

Remember antennagate? Well iPhone 4S solved that problem but the next generation iPhone is going to make the sound quality much better thanks to the clever designing from Apple engineers.

The much talked about dock connector had been rumoured many times to shrink in size, well it seems it definitely is going to but according to Lehman Apple will go for the 8-pin connector as it makes more sense.

The next generation iPhone’s dock connector will mostly be used for charging as most of syncing is done over Wi-Fi or backing up is done via iCloud.

iPhone 5 Images/Video Real?

The video above has been viewed almost 3 million times! But is that the real deal? Is it the real iPhone 5? Well Lehman gives a very strong argument for and against but the conclusion is that this is the real thing.

What you are looking at is the real iPhone 5.

The reason? Well if this was a fake or hoax it would require almost industrial level engineering simply to create this fake and nobody simply has the time to do that unless you are Apple Inc,.

So when Apple launches iPhone 5 this September 12, this is what it is going to show.


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