An App That Teaches Children How To Use E-mail: Maily iPad App

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Every parent is worried about their children regarding the use of internet. It is very difficult to know whether the usage of internet is made in a correct way or not by children. But if you have an iDevice, surely things will be more safe and easy. If you are a parent and want to tell your children the correct use of E-mail, then don’t worry because there is an app for that!

Maily iPad App

Should children use the e-mail facility or not? Is it safe or not ? These are the few questions, present in the mind of every parent, every time your child ask for e-mail. Now don’t worry, there is a new app in town and it’s called Maily iPad app. Maily is an app for children over 4 years. With this app, your child can send quirky, personalized emails to mom and dad, their grandparents or close friends easily, rapidly, and securely.

This app comes with different colors, brushes and digital pens, which make your children more attracted towards it and allow them to decorate their e-mails beautifully. The replies for the e-mails are received in your children personal inbox and they can directly reply the mails anytime they want. But here comes the important point, that parents can always keep an eye on your children and people they are communicating with, and when, including the ability to approve or reject messages before they are sent or received by their children.

It is accompanied with some brilliant features like, different Pencils and brushes to draw and write in colorful emails, it also has more than 30 cool stamps to create stories, over 30 personalized e-mail backgrounds, photo camera, personal inbox to receive emails from friends and family, they can create their personal contact list, it is also featured with parent dashboard to supervise emails and manage contacts and lastly kid-friendly replies from Maily contacts.

It is a flawless app, which boost your children mind and you can also supervise them. It is a very fun fill app, loved by children as well as parents. Download this app and have fun with your children. The best part is, it is free in the app store.

Price: Free

Download Maily iPad app from app store

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