Download All Cydia Paid Apps For Free On iOS 6 (Guide)

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Your Apple devices on iOS 6 become best when they are jailbroken and are then loaded with some amazing cydia apps. This takes your device to a completely new level. People usually go for free cydia apps but there are many that you want to have in your gadget but have to pay to get them. Spending money never anyone’s favorite task but still everyone wants the best, thus this time we have brought you an easier way to download all cydia paid apps for free on iOS 6.

Download Free Cydia Apps

So lets see at first what Cydia is. It is not something limited to just some applications but it is a package installer for iOS which allows a user to find and download software packages including applications, system modifications, themes and ringtones for all jailbroken iOS devices. There are different decentralized repositories that hosts the packages that you see in Cydia. Some of these repositories are added by default while some are done manually. The reason of telling you all this background stuff is that, now, in order to download all cydia paid apps for free on iOS 6, you have to add the following repositories in Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


The Sinful iPhone repository houses is one of the best ways for this procedure. It is easy and quite helpful for all those who want cydia apps but don’t want to spend a single penny on them.


This repository is so much reliable one that those cydia apps that you cannot find in the above repository will be easily available here. So check it out, give it a try and save your money.


This repository is a definite blast as it hosts a plethora of cracked apps and themes. The xsellize can be called a must have store to get all the recent, best and most useful cydia apps for free.

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  1. Thanks for the information.I added the repo. That’s good. But after I look inside the repo,it has nothing in.
    Why I am having this problem?
    And if you can ,could you tell me how to install paid apps without adding repos?(for free)

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