New Concept Shows The Features Of Apple TV (Video)

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People are simply fascinated by a product that has not been released yet, heck nobody knows for sure even if it is going to be released or not. I’m talking about the Apple TV. But that hasn’t stopped people from creating concepts regarding it. Well check out this amazing concept of the Apple TV.

Apple TV 2013

Unlike previous concepts we have posted on Maypalo, this one is quite different. Most concepts regarding Apple TV have focused on how the Apple TV might look like, the design and the specifications. But this new concept created by Sam Beckett shows the features of the yet-to-be released Apple TV. So check out this Apple TV 2013 concept.

It starts off by telling how the remote control has basically been the main TV input device for so many years - which is about to be changed thanks to Apple TV. This concept shows that Apple TV will use the iPad as the main remote control for the TV.

An app called the “Live TV” will be on your iPad, simply tapping on it will take you to the Apple TV functions. One of the most common functions of a TV remote is to change channels. On an Apple TV, you will have to simply swipe your iPad left or right. Tapping on the screen brings up the electronic guide, which basically shows what is currently being played and what TV programs are going to come up next.

This Apple TV concept shows that you will be able to record any TV program directly from your iPad or iPhone, and each program will be categorized. The “Genius” feature will show you what TV programs you will like.

Well here is the Apple TV 2013 concept

The thing that I most like about this Apple TV concept is the Siri feature. It will help us watch our favorite TV programs simply by asking Siri. This is one feature which has been talked a lot about previously.

Currently there are no confirmed plans if Apple is going to launch an Apple Television this year or the next. But one thing is for sure and that Apple will launch a HDTV sometime in future.

Well what are your thoughts on this Apple TV?

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