Cheap iPhone Compared To An iPhone 5 (Pictures)

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Day after day rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5S and budget iPhone are getting really interesting. Pictures and details of the cheap iPhone have already been leaked and today we have something interesting. Cheap iPhone’s rear shell has been leaked and it has been compared to an iPhone 5! Check out the pictures below.

After knowing so many expected details of the budget iPhone, it is quite easy to come up with a rear shell. These images were exposed by a Japanese magazine Weekly ASCII, which shows a really impressive comparison between the cheap iPhone and the iPhone 5 rear shells. From the images below you can see major differences in both the smartphones.

cheap iPhone rear shell

A yellow plastic rear shell of the budget iPhone is compared to the usual iPhone 5 and it is quite obvious that iPhone 5 is pretty much broader than the cheap iPhone but the board design logic is quite resembling.

Another major difference is the shape of the volume buttons. In the iPhone 5 you can see that there are round volume buttons like iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 but the budget iPhone might have pill-shaped volume buttons.


Although there are some differences but budget iPhone may possess some qualities of the iPhone 5, such as, the position of camera with a flash light. You can also see that like iPhone 5, the third microphone is also located at the backside.

budget iPhone rear shell inside

Whereas, when it comes to the price and release date of the cheap iPhone, it is still unsure that when Apple is going to announce the mega event. The circulating rumors says that the iPhone will be released in the later part of this year.

Analyst are predicting that the cheap iPhone will have a price range of around $350, give and take a few. As you can image that isn’t going to be as cheap as some people are thinking.

What are your thoughts about the designs of the budget iPhone?

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