Android Wear Will Be Compatible With iPhone!

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Wether you are an Apple or Google fan, this is surely going to be good news for both the parties. We now know that Android Wear, Google’s OS for wearable devices will now compatible with iOS devices that is iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch. New details have emerged.

Android Wear iPhone

A developer previously managed to get a Moto 360 working with iPhone by tweaking it, but now we have some confirmation via code inside of Android Wear that shows compatibility with an iPhone.

Developer by the name of MohammadAG found out about the Android Wear compatibility with an iPhone while digging through the Android Wear code. He posted a picture showing Moto 360 being connected to an iPhone.

Android Wear iPhone


This is not the first time we are looking at an iPhone being connected to a Moto 360 running on Android Wear, we previously had the same thing but the developer did not mention on how he managed to do that.

The tweet from the developer shows that it, Android Wear, contains iOS related code.

Well this is definitely good news for all those people who wanted to try out Android Wear related products but had iPhones. Thoughts?

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