Want to Break-Up? There’s An App For That - Breakup Text App

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Tired of your girlfriend or boyfriend? Want to end this entire relationship? Then what are you waiting for! Go on and finish it up. I know you must be thinking about how to tell your partner that you no longer want him or her in your life. You must be running all those awkward breakup conversations in your mind. Well to help you with your break up conversation there’s an app for that. This is Breakup text app. Details below.

break up text appbreak up text app

The app as its name suggests helps you to end up your relationships that you no longer want. Once you launch the app, it asks you few simple questions such as, with whom you are breaking off; a girl or a guy, how strong was your relation and why you want to end it, etc. The app also provides options for each question, for you to choose any one of them. This means after few taps you are free of all the relationship limitations.

Maybe you think that the app is a time pass but believe me it will really help you when you would be looking for ways to get rid of your stupid boyfriend or annoying girlfriend.

So if you want to be free again and want to live your life according to your way, with no interference from your partner than download break up text app to accomplish this task.

With high customers ratings, break up text app is available on iTunes for only $0.99. The app is compatible for iPhone 3GS and above, so go on and get it now.

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