No Siri For Budget iPhone 5C: Analyst

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Although it is not official but we do have a confirmation on the launch date for Apple’s big media event, where Apple will unveil the next generation iPhone and the budget iPhone. Both the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C are expected to be launched on 10 September in Apple’s big media event. Well, today we have an interesting information regarding the budget iPhone 5C. According to an analyst iPhone 5C will not have Siri.

Siri Budget iPhone 5C

Gene Munster who is a reputable analyst regarding Apple has done his home work and now mentions something which would disappoint many people who were thinking to buy the budget “cheap” iPhone 5C. According to him Apple is not going to introduce Siri for the iPhone 5C.

Although this is just like any other rumor, but Gene Munster has a good track record regarding Apple products, so if he says that iPhone 5C might not get Siri, then it means it actually won’t.

iPhone 5C price


Those of you who had been expecting Siri for the budget iPhone 5C might be disappointed with it. Many are claiming this absence of Siri in iPhone 5C as a mere tool to drive up the sales of the iPhone 5S.

According to the analyst, the budget iPhone 5C will be available in the market for somewhere around $300 - $350. Something which actually makes sense.

Well what are your thoughts on Siri not being available for the budget iPhone 5C?

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