How Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Uber & More Apps Will Look Like on Apple Watch

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Apple is going to release the Apple Watch early next year, and people are wondering what kind of apps would run on the small screen. Well if you had wondered how your favourite apps would look like on the Apple Watch, look no further. We have concept images of how some popular apps will look like on the small Apple device.

While Apple is yet to release the SDK (Software Development Kit) for Apple Watch, so developers can get to work on making apps for the Apple Watch but we can already get an idea on how some of the most popular apps will look like, such as; Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Tinder, YouTube and more.

Thinkapps, has created some images so you can get the idea on how these apps will look like.

Check them out below.

Facebook Messenger Apple Watch App

Facebook Apple Watch

Lyft Apple Watch App

Lyft Apple Watch


Skype Apple Watch App

Skype Apple Watch


Spotify Apple Watch App

Spotify Apple Watch

Tinder Apple Watch App

Tinder Apple Watch

Twitter Apple Watch App

Twitter Apple Watch

Uber Apple Watch App

Uber Apple Watch

Yelp Apple Watch App

Yelp Apple Watch

Well, there you go folks. That is how some of the popular apps will look like on the watch from Apple. But these are just mock ups so you can bet on this. But they will look something fairly similar.

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