How To Use Apple Pay Outside America (Guide)

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Apple has launched its highly anticipated Apple Pay program, and if I’m not mistaken, millions have already started using it but the problem is that it is currently only available in the United States of America. Apple has not mentioned a release date for Apple Pay for other countries, but there is hack which allows you to use Apple Pay in other countries besides U.S.. Here is how to use Apple Pay outside America.

Use Apple Pay Outside U.S.

The method which is used to use Apple Pay outside America has been tested and verified. A person managed to use Apple Pay in Australia, which currently does not support Apple Pay. So how did he do it?

Well here is the guide on how to use Apple Pay outside U.S.

Apple Pay Australia

As you might imagine, it is not going to be pretty easy to use Apple outside U.S., you will need to meet some critical requirements. So before you attempt this, read the requirements which are basically the guide on using Apple Pay outside U.S..


  • Your debit or credit card should be in Apple’s Apple Pay program such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.
  • iPhone 6 or 6 Plus should be running on iOS 8.1.
  • A U.S. - issued credit or debit card (very important).

Once you meet the requirements, you can use the guide for using Apple Pay outside U.S..


Step 1: If your region is not in listed as United States, change it to U.S. (if it is listed, skip step 2 to step 5).

Step 2: Head over to iTunes and at the bottom select your Apple ID.

Step 3: Enter your credentials and select Country/Region.

Step 4: Click on “Change country or Region”.

Step 5: Now select United States.

Step 6: Once that is done, follow the guide here on activating your Apple Pay.

Step 7: Once you have activated Apple Pay using the link in “step 6”, you are good to go.

Apple Pay

As Apple Pay uses NFC technology, any shop around you which uses the NFC infrastructure will support Apple Pay. It does not need to be a specific Apple Pay “authorized” shop. Just place your iPhone next to the NFC terminal and Apple Pay will come into action.

If you have a question about this guide on using Apple Pay outside U.S., simply leave a comment below and I will get to you.

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