How To Increase Volume On iPhone By 200%: Volume Amplifier

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Sometimes you just need more than 100 percent and in the case of the iPhone’s volume this might be true. Well if you were looking to really turn up the volume for the iPhone, you can now do so. Here is how to increase the volume on the iPhone by 200 percent.

Increase iPhone Volume

Those of you who have been jailbreaking their iPhone’s for a long time would know about a Cydia tweak called Volume Amplifier; as the name suggests it amplifies volume - by 200 percent!

200 percent wouldn’t seem a lot to you but once you try it; it really makes a difference.

Volume Amplifier Cydia tweak has been updated for iOS 8, so folks those of you who have used it before and want to increase their volume should go ahead and download Volume Amplifier for the iOS device.

Volume Amplifier -1

If you are new to the jailbreaking world then search up for the Volume Amplifier in the Big Boss repo and download it. The price for the Volume Amplifier Cydia tweak is $1.99.

But before you download it, let me warn you that keeping the volume at 200 percent will damage your speaker and your ears. So be cautious.

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