Apple Should Not Make The Car By Itself: Fiat C.E.O.

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Today we have some comments from Fiat C.E.O. Sergio Marchionne regarding Apple’s car. Speaking at the Geneva auto show he told a bunch of journalist that Apple should not make a car by itself.

It is an open-secret in the Silicon Valley that Apple is currently working on creating a car, not just some features for a car but a full-fledge autonomous vehicle. Right now there are no major leaks regarding the Apple car but Tim Cook did mention that we would have to wait for quite sometime.

Well, as it turns out today, C.E.O. of Fiat told journalist that Apple shouldn’t make a car by itself and instead should let other automakers make it for them. Something which I’m sure goes against Apple’s ethos on ‘creating software and hardware under one roof’.

BMW i3 Apple Car

Fiat C.E.O. mentioned that other automakers have the requirements which Apple need to develop a car, so Apple should go after the automakers to develop the car.

Do you think Apple should develop its own car or let someone else make it for them?

(Via Reuters)

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