People Are Already Lining Up For iPhone 6! (Video)

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You might consider yourself a huge Apple fan boy but compared to these guys you are still not quite one. People have already started lining up for the iPhone 6 outside Apple’s iconic fifth avenue store! The crazy thing is Apple hasn’t even announced the iPhone 6 yet!

We all know that Apple is going to unveil the iPhone 6 on September 9 but that day it is not going to launch the device. In fact it will be another week until the iPhone 6 is available for the general public.

But that hasn’t stopped people lining up for the iPhone 6. Currently there are four people who have lined up outside Apple store in fifth avenue. But unlike most Apple fans, they are not doing this out of love for iPhone 6 or Apple - they are getting paid.

iPhone 6 waiting line

Lining outside stores way earlier is getting very trendy since the last couple of years. People do this to promote a product or in this case an app.

In fact companies are paying huge bucks for people to stand in line weeks ahead.

Check out the video below which gives a more insight into why people are lining for the iPhone 6 way ahead of its time.

As you can see from the video, this is a money game not just for the iPhone.

Well, would you line outside an Apple store weeks ahead?

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