Update On doulCi Software & doulCi IP For iOS 8

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A lot of people have been messaging me regarding doulCi software and the doulCi IPs. Well it is about time that we get some updated information on these two services or if they are going to be released or not. Well here is an update on the doulCi workings which allows anyone to bypass iCloud activation.

Before I actually begin, let me give those people who are not aware of what doulCi does; a brief introduction. doulCi is/was a service which allowed anyone with an access to an iOS device; that is the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; ability to bypass iCloud activation without the requirement of a password. In some sense it allowed a person to unlock an iPhone - that too for free.

As you can imagine such a tool is very valuable and that why so many people wanted to know more about doulCi. Initially thousands of people “unlocked” their iPhone.

doulCi hack

doulCi Server IP Info

As doulCi is free and is a server, you had to connect to that server in order to bypass iCloud activation. In order for you to reach the doulCi server you need an IP - the digits that pinpoints any server in the world.

Due to the sheer demand of doulCi, the server(s) had to be constantly updated and therefore the IPs changed on a regularly basis. This is the reason why many people kept asking for the latest, working IP for doulCi. (You can check out all the doulCi IPs here).

Sadly, there are no more IPs, as the server has gone offline - I know it’s bad news but it’s the reality. One of the reasons why it might have gone offline is due to legal issues faced by the team from Apple.

Apple doesn’t want such a thing.

Another reason, which is a better, is the doulCi software. Instead of an IP which you had to manually insert every time to get access to the server, doulCi team mentioned that they were creating the software for doulCi - no more manual methods, everything done automatic!

doulCi laptop

doulCi Software Info

As you can imagine, the doulCi software is even better than the IP method. Simply connect your iPhone to the computer, fire up the doulCi software and voila! Your iPhone is unlocked!

doulCi team even demoed the software, showing an iPhone bypassing iCloud activation in the video. Everything was going good so far but the inevitable had to happen.

doulCi software ‘might‘ be dead too!

“Wait, wasn’t it supposed to be released?”, that’s what you might be thinking right now. But there has been no update on the software and the last video which showed doulCi software in the works was in July.

In fact the team behind the doulCi software has turned the “official” site into a blog which provides no information on doulCi! Well, I wouldn’t blame them, who doesn’t want to make a quick buck, right?

As you can read from the above statement, the word “might”, is emphasized as it is not confirmed yet. Maybe the team was waiting for iOS 8 to be released? Well it has been almost two months since iOS 8 has been out so I wouldn’t keep my hopes high.

Maybe iOS 8 has killed the loophole which was used to exploit to make doulCi working. Whatever the reason maybe, you can officially put doulCi software to rest as it won’t be coming out!

doulCi team

I know it’s upsetting that many people or even your friends got to unlock their iPhone for free but you couldn’t as you just needed “doulCi server to be online for only 10 minutes” but it wasn’t.

Sadly there are no more doulCi server IPs or even a software coming out. But hey, you might never know who comes up with a new kind of software that unlocks the iPhone for free. Maybe this guy can.

Most of you might have already known that doulCi was dead, this post is just to let others know who were still waiting for the new IPs or the software for doulCi.

What is your reaction?

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