(BREAKING) Apple Watch To Be Launched In April: Tim Cook!

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It has finally been confirmed, Apple Watch, one of the most anticipated devices from Apple is going to be launched in April. This has been confirmed by non other than the man himself, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Check out the details regarding Apple Watch launch below.

Apple Watch Launch April

Today Apple had its earnings call and during this one, of the shareholders asked about the release timeframe for the Apple Watch. To which Tim Cook, CEO Apple, gave the answer we all had been waiting for. Apple Watch will be released in April!

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch in September, Tim Cook simply gave an “early 2015” as the release date for the watch. After that, nothing major has been reported regarding the release date, except that we had been hearing March as one of the possible options. Well, from today onwards, that rumor has been debunked, as April is the real month.

Apple Watch design

Although, now it has been confirmed that Apple Watch will be launched in April, but we still don’t have an exact date. A month is still a lot of time. And many people are still wondering if this indeed is early 2015.

Well one thing is for sure, you will be able to get your hands on an Apple Watch this April.

Some details regarding the Apple Watch have been leaked, including the companion app, which will be required in order for you to connect to the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is going to retail for a starting price of $349, and will go into thousands of dollars depend on what kind of watch it is.

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