Crash Skype By Sending This Message!

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Recently new kinds of techniques have been popping up that show how to crash somebody’s phone or computer by simply sending them either a message or just a picture of a kitten; well, here is a new one for you today and it affects people who use Skype. If you send this message to someone on Skype it will crash their Skype - pretty much rendering it useless.

So what exactly is this message? Well the message itself is pretty simple, all you have to do is type “http://:” without the quotes and Skype will instantly crash, you won’t be able to view messages or Skype anyone. This has been confirmed via thousands of people who have tried it and is now on Skype community forums.

Since it has gone viral, people have been spamming this message to others, just for the heck of it. If you do send this message please do note that the other person has to delete Skype and re-install it - which can be very annoying.


Skype has taken note of this issue and updated its Skype version for all platforms. So if you have not updated to the latest Skype version, you are at risk and therefore it is strongly recommended that you update to the new version of Skype.

Well we recently have been getting a lot of these types of messages which crashes the other person’s app or computer. Only couple of days ago, a bug was discovered that crashed a person’s iPhone by simply sending them a message.

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