Microsoft Sends Beta Invites For Cortana For iPhone

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Microsoft had been touting Cortana for iOS devices for quite sometime. It didn’t mention any dates but it seems that some people have gotten their invites for testing out Cortana for the iPhone earlier than expected.

Cortana for iPhone

As some people would have expected, Cortana for iOS device looks exactly like that on Android and Windows platform.

Cortana pretty much does all the things on an iOS device as its counterpart on Android and platform but there are some stark differences which you will easily notice. These are to do with Apple not Microsoft on how Apple lays out the framework for third-party apps.

Cortana iPhone

Since Cortana doesn’t have access to system files, it can’t open apps or change settings on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And, if you want Cortana to do that, unfortunately it won’t, as Apple won’t allow access to such files to other parties.

But for now, Cortana does do a great job in providing information. And, as time goes by, Cortana will get better and better. But will it be able to compete with Siri in terms of functionality? We can only judge once the final version is out for the public to test. Until then we can rely on the beta testers.

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