The ClassicMap App: Google Maps OR Apple Maps The Choice Is Yours!

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The iOS 6 is the most latest firmware introduced by Apple, towards which every Apple user is turning their devices, due to the extra ordinary features that the fruit company has provided. But one thing about this new software that was not appreciated by the people is the iOS maps. These maps were actually the replacements done in place of Google map. However, the quality and features of the iOS maps were not liked by the people, and thus people are now looking for ways to switch back to Google map. If you are also one such user then here we bring something you really want and that is the ClassicMap app for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

The ClassicMap iPhone 5 app gives you the option to use the Google map if want to. The best thing about this app is that it does not require any jailbreaking of the phone nor is this app replacing the iOS map of your phone but it simply provides you an extra option to enjoy the service of Google map too. It does this by offering searching and map viewing using Google’s bitmap-based maps.

If we talk about its interface then the developers have tried their best to make it look and work similarly as the original Maps app, by simply providing a search bar and a tool bar with location and action options. With that, when you select the additional options button, an extremely familiar page curl appears that has been part of the classic Maps app.

For the ease of the user, an option has been provided through which one can drop pins on the specific places to mark them or to print off a copy of the currently displayed map. Another amazing feature of the ClassicMap app is that it allows the users to easily flick between Google Maps and imagery taken directly from Apple’s own vector maps using the MapKit framework.

The ClassicMap app is Free and a perfect option for those who wants to use iOS 6 but are not interested in Apple map and want to switch back to Google map.

Download ClassicMap iPhone 5 app for free.

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