Unlocking The iPhone & Bypassing iCloud Activation

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Having an unlocked iPhone is a great thing, you can use it anywhere in the world without a fuss. Just pop in the new SIM and you are good to go. So unlocking is a must have especially for those iPhone users. Well to help you out even further, I’m going to start a series that is going to focus on unlocking the iPhone and bypassing iCloud activation.

Maypalo is quite well-known for providing solutions that unlock iPhone and not just that; Maypalo also provided methods on bypassing the iCloud activation. Both of these methods were provided for free and used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Recently I have been getting emails regarding both unlocking the iPhone and bypassing iCloud activation; the later one being more in demand.

Well, to quench the thirst of solutions on unlocking iPhone and bypassing iCloud activation on iOS 9 and above. I’m starting this series; each post will be regarding unlocking iPhones or will be about bypassing iCloud (we have got some good news on this).

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Since both unlocking iPhone and bypassing iCloud activation are slightly different and require different method; each will have its own post.

Since unlocking iPhone depends on the carrier and what not; I will kick off the series tomorrow with the first chapter on which carrier should we focus first. So make sure you are tuned in for the entire series.

If you have any questions regarding the series, comment below and I will make sure to address those issues in the coming chapters.

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8 Comments to Unlocking The iPhone & Bypassing iCloud Activation

  1. Hi, I have a iphone 5s and forgoten old apple id and password and my iphon is locked on activation icloud and i can not active my iphone, please help me?

  2. nazmus shahadat

    actually i think most of readers like us nothing understand about your concept.what do you want to do with us who are already frustrated about icloud unlock.we can’t use our iphone last six or over month for icloud lock.there is no solution is now far.in that situation you posted a thread that talking about unlocking.but we not understand what is about.please help us to clearly mention that how could we unlock our icloud lock devices free.please help us……….

  3. I would need help too - iPhone 5, IMEI 013414000690485 need icloud unlock. No one want’s to help!!

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