Watch a Drone Get Controlled Using Apple Watch & Hand Gestures

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Now this is something completely out of a Sci-Fi movie, a drone getting controlled using just hand gestures. Well, this is not movie, in fact, a team of researchers has just done that in Taiwan and it looks pretty cool. Check out the video below showing how a team of researchers control a drone using hand gestures via an Apple Watch.

Drones have become extremely popular in the recent years, especially after drones started getting camera on them, the popularity went off the roof. Well, that is why drone makers are starting to look at different ways for people to control their drones and that latest technology, which is being demonstrated in the video below shows the future.


As you can see from the video below, the team of researchers use hand gestures that are relayed to the drone via the Apple Watch and are controlling the behavior of the drone.

Not only are they controlling the drone using the Apple Watch but they are also controlling the lighting of a room. By clapping in different ways, they control what color the light bulb should be.

This technology is currently in its infancy and will be developed further.

The force is strong with this one.

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