Apple’s Secret Team Working on Virtual Reality Headset!

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Apple is secretly working on a Virtual Reality headset according to a report released from the financial times today. Apple has been hiring top VR experts from around the nation for building various prototypes that would compete with Facebook’s Oculus and Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Apple’s VR team is made up of employees from other start-ups which Apple has purchased and is looking for other potential people who could contribute to Apple’s project.

Right now around 100 people are supposedly working on Apple’s VR headset and the recent acquisition of Flyby Media; which let’s mobile devices ‘see’ the places around them; just adds more employees to the list.


Almost every major tech company these days is working towards a Virtual Reality or an Augmented Reality app or a headset; so keeping with that tradition Apple is following suit.

Gone are the days when Apple used to be the leader when it come to innovation.

(Via Financial Times)

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