How To Fix Error 53 On iPhone or Maybe Not!

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Are you facing an Error 53 on your iPhone or any Touch ID enabled device? Well there is news for; or in this case a bad news for you. After digging into the details, the truth has emerged about error 53. Well how do you fix error 53 on the iPhone or iPad?

On Apple’s support page regarding error 53, it doesn’t give much detail about how this comes about. A lot of people have been facing the error 53 without knowing what it actually is. Well, today we are finding out what exactly is error 53. And that is, it is related to the Touch ID on your iPhone.

If you let a third-party access or in this case ‘fix your Home button’, it will produce the error 53. But the problem doesn’t really lie there. The problem is what happens afterwards.

Without any warning, the iPhone is going to go in a brick stage or in more simple terms, be completely ‘dead’. It would just stop working and unfortunately there is currently no way of fixing this. So technically there is no way you can fix error 53.

The best way you can avoid this problem is taking your iPhone directly to an Apple store where they can ‘officially’ fix the error 53 or avoid in the first place.

I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for but once it goes into error 53 there is no way around it.

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  1. Sometimes error 53 also occurres when the ORIGINAL TOUCHID got contact problems on its plug or on the third party flex cable of the replacement screen towards the mainboard. Cleaning it up before reassembling is always good.

    Also check the connector on the mainboard if it’s damaged or dirty.

    Best wishes DC2NI

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