This Is How Apple’s VR Headset Might Look Like (Concept Video)

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We generally get concept videos relating to the next generation iPhone but today we have something new: Apple’s Virtual Reality (VR) headset. A German YouTube channel has posted a video on how Apple’s VR headset might look like.

There were reports going around, citing various sources within Apple, that Apple is working on a Virtual Reality headset to compete with the likes of Facebook’s Oculus and Samsung’s VR, which are going to make a big splash this year.

We have no details yet on how Apple’s VR headset is going to look like or pretty much anything remotely related to that, so having a concept video would give you an idea.

Apple VR headset

This concept video regarding Apple’s VR headset shows that the headset would look like one of those large ski glasses mixed with a flavor of Apple Watch. The bands are the ones taken from Apple watch and the color and sports addition too.

Well check out the Apple VR headset concept video below.

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