Apple Fixes Error 53 in New Software Update For iOS 9

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Good news people, if you had been affected with error 53 then the solution is finally here from Apple. Today Apple released a new version of iOS 9.2.1 for iOS devices that had been affected with the error 53 bug. So let’s take a detailed look at what Apple has to offer to fix error 53 problem.

If you don’t really know what error 53 does, take a look at the detailed post I posted previously. If you can’t be bothered; error 53 occurs whenever someone tries to mess around with the Touch ID of an iPhone or iPad. This is for third-parties only, not Apple.

Apple released a statement mentioning that this error was for the suppliers who produce Touch ID not for customers. This was mistakenly released to the general public.

iPad Air 2 Touch ID

If you are facing the error 53, the solution is to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and fire up iTunes. Once connected download the new version of iOS 9.2.1 (it’s basically called the same version as the current one). Install it on your iPhone or iPad, the one affected by error 53 and the updated version will fix the error for you.

The thing about the new version is, it is only available via iTunes. There is no Over The Air (OTA) for this. So the only way to download the new version is through iTunes and installing it from there.

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