Which is Better? Windows 8 Tablet Vs iPad 2: Video Battle

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As you are most probably aware that Microsoft has released Windows 8 and with it Windows 8 Tablet. The first thing that would probably come in to your mind would be, which is better iPad 2 or Windows 8 tablet? Well let us leave you to judge that by watching Windows 8 tablet vs iPad 2 video.

Windows 8 Tablet vs iPad 2

Microsoft revealed its Windows 8 a couple of days back and with it, revealed the Windows 8 tablet, which we had been waiting for quite sometime now.

Apple currently reigns champion in the tablet market it with its iPad 2, so is Windows 8 tablet going to beat that? Well before you watch the video of Windows 8 tablet vs iPad 2, let us remind you that Windows 8 brings tablets, laptops and PCs together. What we mean is that it basically combines all of them in to one piece, that is you will have the same functionality of Windows 8 in all the laptops, tablets and PCs.

To make this video of Windows 8 tablet vs iPad 2 fair, the iPad 2 comes with iOS 5, which is the latest firmware of Apple and currently has not been released yet and is in developer version. So is the Windows 8 tablet.

The folks over at winrumors have put this video together.

So after watching the video which one, Windows 8 tablet or the iPad 2 do u prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Comments to Which is Better? Windows 8 Tablet Vs iPad 2: Video Battle

  1. I personally never bought an IPAD, I have a Mac Book Pro which is great but the IPAD didn’t offer me anything extra, in fact it offered me less. To me it is a giant IPhone without the phone part, and I have an IPhone.

    I think the Windows 8 tablet will be the one to beat, it has the best of both worlds, a tablet interface and Windows underneath so you can browse and share data as well as being fully productive in business.

    There are rumours as well about Win8 having Hyper-V so this could allow you to switch between a Personal and business Desktop Machine, pretty cool, we will have to see though when it is released, but I think for serious users, Windows 8 is what they will go for.

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