A Brief History Of iPhone Baseband Unlock By Musclenerd

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We have come a long way since the first iPhone was unlocked by Geohot. It has been a turbulent journey with many failures and successes and who better to explain the history of this evolution of iPhone unlock and baseband then the man behind this all, musclenerd.

HITBSecConf2012 is currently being held in Amsterdam as we speak and top hackers of the jailbreak community are attending the event and giving talks on some interesting stuff including a live jailbreak which is going to be held today. One of these interesting talks was by iPhone Dev Team leader musclenerd, he talked about iPhone baseband and unlocks.

Evolution Of iPhone Baseband & Unlock

Musclenerd gave a great presentation on the iPhone unlock history and how it has changed from the first days. It is a very interesting presentation that is currently available for anyone to see.

Here are some points that are discussed in the presentation of the iPhone unlock:

  • Overview of the iPhone baseband unlock
  • General BB environment
  • 3G/3GS Baseband crash logs
  • iPhone 4 Baseband crash logs
  • iPhone 2G software unlock
  • iPhone 3G software unlock
  • Ultrasnow unlock for iPhone
  • iPhone 4 software unlock
  • SIM interposer unlocks
  • iPhone activation tickets

The list goes on and one. It is definitely an interesting read for those tech savvy people. If you have always wondered how an unlock is made or anything that is related to unlocking the iPhone than you should check it out by going here.

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