Apple Products Will No longer Use Samsung Batteries

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The Apple vs. Samsung war has now turned cold but it’s not over and now it seems to be ever-lasting. Both the companies always try to show that they are the supreme ones. Day after other there are rumors about this cold war of Apple and Samsung but this time the news is a bit more crucial and critical. Checkout all the details about this turning relation of Apple and Samsung below:

As you all know that batteries for Apple’s iPad and MacBook were supplied from Samsung SDI (Samsung’s battery-producing subsidiary) but from now onwards things will be different because Apple has changed it’s battery supplier from Samsung SDI to Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen. This means that Apple and Samsung are now no more in favor for resolving this cold war.

According to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook declares Samsung as crucial component partner for Apple but this battle will remain as it is, at least in the next few years. Most of the rumors concluded that relationship between Apple and Samsung is going in a negative way. In past few months, there were many reports that Samsung has increased processor prices for Apple, rumors about ending display relationships of Samsung were also there but both the news were denied from the Korean company.

This sudden disagreement between supplier and buyer can also cause great difficulties for the customers of both the companies. This means that now the both companies will have to work harder to maintain there rank in the market and will be also quite tough to prove the best smartphone in the market. In order to maintain its status and rank, Apple has started grooming there new battery suppliers, TSMC, so that they can produce much better batteries than Samsung.

It all sums up with that, this collapsing relationship of Apple and Samsung will benefit none of them. But this news about the battery suppliers is another indication for another tough war between the world leading smartphone companies.

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