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Vine has finally hit the Windows store! Those of you who had been seeing a lot of Vine videos on social networking sites or on their friends smartphone (iOS and Android), would be happy to know that Vine app has finally arrived on the Windows store. Those of you with Windows phones can now download Vine for their respective devices. The download link for Vine for Windows phone has been inserted below.

Download Vine Windows Phone

Vine a very popular app from Twitter, let’s you record seven second videos, while giving you the ability to pause and to start from where you left of. Due to this ability people have created some stunning videos - some really funny while others just plain boring.

Well whatever you might want to use Vine for, the good news is that you can now download Vine for Windows phone (finally!).

Vine windows phone

Those users with Windows phone were left out as initially Vine was available for the iPhone and then later for Android. It has taken Twitter quite a long time to bring Vine to Windows phone. But we are not really complaining here, are we?

Well without wasting anytime. The download link for Vine for Windows phone is below. Get downloading!

Download Vine Windows phone

Are you going to be downloading Vine for Windows phone? Drop a comment below.

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