How To Charge iPad & iPhone Battery Super Fast!

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Battery life is one of those features that you simply can’t ignore when it comes to buying a smartphone or a tablet, after all what better a device if it can’t operate all-day long. But sometimes you buy your smartphone or tablet because you love it and find out it does not have a good battery life, then what do you do? Well you charge it, of course! And, there is a way to charge your iPhone and iPad’s battery super fast! Here is how to charge iPad and iPhone’s battery super fast.

Charge iPhone & iPad Battery Fast

Charging can be a big hassle, especially for those of you who own a tablet such as the iPad. The iPad does indeed take quite a lot of time to charge but the iPad isn’t the only one. We have the iPhone too. Both of these devices can be a pain if you use them frequently and have to continuously charge them.

But thanks to a special trick, there is a way you can charge your iPhone and iPad’s battery super fast and it is a very simple.

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Whenever you plug-in your iPhone or iPad to charge, these devices not only charge at a “normal rate” but they continue to use battery life. These usages are the result of data flowing to your device; such as a Facebook notification, or an iMessage. Your device is using battery life while getting charged which increases the charging time.

So how do you decrease the charging time? Very simple, tell your iPhone or iPad to stop using data.


Laptop battery

Head over to your setting app on the iPad and iPad and turn on “airplane mode”, or simply swip from below and bring out the settings panel and turn on the airplane mode.

This simple trick can have a huge impact on the battery charging time for both iPhone and iPad so I suggest you give it a try.

Do note that this trick to decrease battery charging time also works on others such as Android smartphones.

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