True Wireless Charging Coming To iPhones Next Year!

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Whenever you see an ad that compares an iPhone to a Samsung, you see that Samsung touts Apple for not having ‘wireless charging’. For me that is not true wireless charging but it seems that game is about to change if it goes Apple’s way.

Apple is developing complete wireless charging for iPhones according to a report from Bloomberg today. This is not the wireless charging of today, the ones that require you to place on a mat but the wireless charging from a distance.

Apple has been looking at wireless tech for many years and even as two patents relating to wireless charging going back as far as 2010. But so far nothing concrete has come from Apple besides the inductive wireless charging for the Apple Watch.

iPhone 6 in store

According to the report Apple is going to release wireless-charging-from-a-distance tech in the up-coming iPhones. It can be expected as soon as the iPhone in 2017. That leaves the iPhone 7 out of the picture.

The problem with true wireless charging is that as the distance increases, the charging power decreases. So you have to be pretty close to the charging source. And, Apple is trying to fix this problem.

Well, we will have to wait until probably the iPhone 7S for a true wireless charging phone.

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