How To Always Record Videos Horizontally On iPhone & iPad: Horizon

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We love taking videos using our smartphones and those of us who have iPhones and iPads; we have a good news for you. You can now record videos horizontally no matter how you hold your iPhone or iPad. A new app let’s you always record videos horizontally and it is called Horizon.

Record Videos Horizontal

One of the problems when recording videos on an iPhone or iPad is the device changes its orientation according to how you hold it. That’s why it becomes a bit of problem when you want to view the video later on - you have to make sure the device is either in portrait mode or landscape. But most of us want to view our videos in landscape mode.

Enter Horizon, a new app that will let you shoot videos in landscape mode no matter how you hold it - and pretty good one at that.

Horizon iPhone app

Besides recording videos horizontally it also allows; AirPlay mirroring while recording, eight filters, ability to share videos to social networking sites, Geotagging, recording using front and back camera and different aspect ratios.

Check out the video below regarding the Horizon app for the iPhone and iPad.

Horizon is currently on 50 percent discount so grab it while it lasts. The price for Horizon app right now is $0.99, a well worth app for a dollar. You can download Horizon app from the link below.

Download Horizon.

Well what are your thoughts on the Horizon app? Let me know in the comment section below.

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