Gear Fit: The Most Beautiful Wearable Gadget From Samsung

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In recent times Samsung has been known to push boundaries, stepping into new technology categories that other major tech companies are still hesitant to go in to. While others are thinking whether to jump in or not (they will), Samsung is pushing even harder. Samsung today announced a new wearable gadget; a stunning smart watch called the Gear Fit.

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung at the mobile world congress unveiled quite a few products. The main product was supposed to be the Samsung Galaxy S 5 but it seems another Samsung gadget has stolen the show - the Samsung Gear Fit.

The Gear Fit is a fitness tracker that has a stunning curved AMOLED display that is almost viewable on all angles. You can easily wear it on your wrist and the straps are removable. Samsung has multi-colored Gear Fits including designer ones.

Gear fit

The thing that is really going to draw people towards the Gear Fit is the stunning aesthetics; it is absolutely beautiful to look at. Those of you who appreciate a beauty in a product would definitely want to buy this.

Although the product looks amazing, there is a slight downside. The features in Gear Fit are not as many as those found on its siblings; the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear Neo. It doesn’t have a camera, speaker or a microphone; maybe Samsung has focused too much aesthetics.

We shouldn’t be complaining too much as this is a fitness tracker, most of the people who are going to buy this will use it in a gym or when working out.

Samsung Gear fit

The Gear Fit can measure your rate heart in real-time as well as the ability to count steps. It will also display notifications such as messages or other alerts. The built-in coach feature will let you know how you are exercising, whether to go fast or go slow; something many people are going to find very useful.

Samsung has skipped some features and opted for a light and more durable device. It is rated IP67, the same as Samsung Galaxy S 5; meaning you can use it in water and it is dust resistant.

Samsung Gear Fit will be launched on April 11, alongside the Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Gear 2, and the Galaxy Gear Neo. The price of the Gear Fit is not yet available, we will have it as soon as it is mentioned.

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