Samsung Galaxy S5 Has The Best Dispay In The World!

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Samsung fans rejoice! As we have something that is going to make a lot of you happy. A recent report has declared that Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best display in the world. Yup folks, the best display a smartphone has to offer!

DisplayMate, a company which is well-known when it comes to displays has recently published an analysis of Samsung Galaxy S5’s display. Declaring it to be the best display in the current smartphone world. Which is definitely going to give Samsung a huge boost as it has been trying to perfect its OLED technology for many years.

Unlike previous years, where Samsung brought out new phones with bigger screens and higher pixel per inch (ppi), this year Samsung focused more on the display technology regarding the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 real one.

Samsung Galaxy S 5

DisplayMate conducted several lab tests on the Samsung Galaxy S5 display and noted that Samsung has now focused more on the following technologies.

From DisplayMate:

For the Galaxy S5, Samsung has instead concentrated on improving the Maximum Brightness, Screen Reflectance, performance in High Ambient Light, Absolute Color Accuracy, Viewing Angles, display power efficiency, and running time on battery.

The report even went further saying that the display on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best they have ever tested! And since the company has been testing displays since the first smartphones - that is a very bold statement.

Well Samsung Galaxy S5 owners would be pretty happen knowing that they have the best display smartphone in the world.

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