Phone Unlocking (Finally) Approved!

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By now most of you have heard that the bill for phone unlocking was in the House for quite sometime. Well today we have the good news and that is the House has finally approved phone unlocking, which means now you can legally unlock your iPhone or any other smartphone. But there is a bit more to the story, check out below.

The House on Friday passed legislation, which will now allow people to unlock their cellphone. The only thing that is reaming is the signature from the President.

Every legislation that is passed has to get a final approval from the President. So we are just one more step in the right direction, although the President has mentioned that he is in favour of phone unlocking.

iPhone factory unlock

This is definitely great news for all those people who had originally signed the petition to rescind the law that made phone unlocking illegal way back in 2012. You finally did it guys!

Well the President will sign the signature any day and you will be able to start unlocking your smartphone.


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