Apple Car “Project Titan” Facing Major Hurdles

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If you had been wondering where Apple currently stands with its ‘Project Titan’, or in more simple words Apple’s car; you would be surprised to know that Apple is facing some major hurdles or some of you might not be surprised.

Apple car was making good progress the last time we heard. In fact the progress was good enough that Apple was changing the schedule on when the car might be shown to the public, it was brought almost a year ahead. But since then things have changed a bit.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the person who was in charge of Project Titan had left the group for personal reasons.

Today we are getting reports that Apple has stopped its hiring spree for the Project Titan which has supposedly a team of more than 1000 people working on it.

Jony Ive, and other senior high executives are disappointed with what is happening so far and the progress that is being made according to the report from AppleInsider.

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The media might make it seem as that the project is facing huge hurdles but that is what is normally expected from such big projects. It does not mean that the project is going on a gridlock or is facing shut down.

Apple is expected to unveil its car somewhere in 2019, which will focus mainly on the autonomous driving capabilities of the car from various sources but so far there are no concrete reports on what the car will actually do in terms of features.

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