Apple To Live Stream October 16 iPad Air 2 Event

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All those folks, who were waiting for an answer on whether Apple was going to live stream the event or not, should be happy that the mighty tech company is indeed going to be live streaming the entire iPad Air 2 event!

Apple has today confirmed that they are going to be live streaming the October 16 event. So those of you who are big Apple fans, should be happy to know that they can watch the famous keynote that Apple is going to host in Cupertino.

Like with all previous live streams of Apple events, this live stream is not going to be any different. To watch the October 16 iPad event, simply head over to page and you are good to go.


Let’s hope this time, Apple improves its online streaming service. We don’t want the same mistake that happened during the iPhone 6 keynote, in which most people couldn’t access the stream and even those who did, got in a different language.

Well, I’m pretty sure Apple has improved their service for the live streaming and there will be no problem for the live streaming of the iPad Air 2 event.

Are you guys excited? I’m for sure!

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  1. Yes, that might be more interesting since many tablets came out this 2014 and apple once again shock the world with their unbelievable product

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