You Can Now Preorder The iPad Air 2

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Apple unveiled the next-gen iPad; the iPad Air 2 yesterday in an event in Cupertino. Some people were impressed while most weren’t. But if you are one of those folks, who simply cant wait to get their hands on the new iPad Air 2 then the good news is that, the preorders have started.

The new iPad Air 2 might deceive you at first as there are hardly any aesthetical changes compared to the original iPad Air, but things get interesting when you take a deeper look.

The real difference is when you hold the device, it is much thinner and lighter compared to the previous one. But the real difference-maker are the internals; it has become much faster and more powerful.

Well if the new iPad Air 2 has impressed you then you can preorder one starting today.

iPad Air 2 camera

Head over to Apple’s iPad page and preorder your iPad Air 2 now; it will start shipping from next week. One thing if you haven’t really heard of, if you didn’t watch the keynote or haven’t read the rumors; iPad Air 2 is also available in gold color.

On a side note, you can also order the iPad Mini 3 from the Apple online store.

Well folks, are you going to order an iPad Air 2?

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