How To Install WhatsApp On iPad & iPod Touch On iOS 8-8.1

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Have an iPad and iPod touch and want to download and install WhatsApp for that specific device? Well I have the guide for you. Here is how you can install WhatsApp for iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 8. The complete guide is below.

Install WhatsApp iPod Touch & iPad iOS 8

WhatsApp which is now owned by Facebook is the world’s largest messaging service, it is so large in fact that all the world’s carriers combined send fewer messages per day compared to WhatsApp. So you can get the idea on how important WhatsApp is.

Well as WhatsApp is not natively supported on iPod Touch and iPad you have to do a few things to get WhatsApp on these devices running iOS 8 - 8.1.

Well the guide for installing WhatsApp on iPod Touch and iPad running on iOS 8 - 8.1 is here.



This guide requires you to have a jailbroken iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 8-8.1. If you are not jailbroken, download Pangu and jailbreak using this guide.

This guide will not work on versions above iOS 8.1 which means the current version; iOS 8.1.1 will not work. Apple is still signing the window for iOS 8.1, therefore use this guide to downgrade to iOS 8.1 and jailbreak it.

STEP 1: Download WhatsApp for iPhone via iTunes

STEP 2: Download iPhone Configuration Utility and run it.

STEP  3: When you run it you will see Applications in the left menu, Click on it.

STEP 4: Click on the add button at the top left of the window.

STEP 5: Choose your downloaded WhatsApp file. It is located in the normal iTunes data folder under iTunes Media\Mobile Applications.

STEP 6: Click on install button and WhatsApp will be installed on your iPod touch and iPad.

STEP 7: Go to Cydia and download WhatsPad in the BigBoss repo.

Now all you need to do is activate WhatsApp. To activate it enter your phone number and WhatsApp will send you a message, enter that message in WhatsApp to verify. Once that is done, you can use WhatsApp on your iPad and iPod touch.

Well folks, let me know if the guide on installing WhatsApp for iPod Touch and iPad on iOS 8 -8.1 worked for you in the comment section below.

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  1. I used to have whatsapp in my old phone but I couldn’t install it again in my new phone. it was working fine in my old phone yesterday, but now it shows that I need to install a new version which I couldn’t fined. please help. I alway use whatsapp as my primary chat app

    • It did? My IOS version is 8.4 but this site said that this method won’t work on an ios version higher than 8.1, did it work for you fine? I need to know before trying 😀

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