Apple Has 1 Billion Active Devices In The World!

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The magical one billion number has finally been crossed by Apple; most tech pundits were expecting Apple to hit the magical mark and it has finally been hit. Apple today in its quarterly earnings reported that it has over one billion active devices in the world!

At the quarterly earnings report today Apple announced a record-breaking revenue of $75.9 billion; the biggest in the company’s history. Apple sold a staggering number of iPhones last quarter because it was the holiday season albeit no change in the iPhone in terms of design.

Apple mentioned that during the last 12 months Apple sold over 300 million devices which are active, this includes MacBooks and Apple Watches.

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Apple has been growing and growing ever since it released the original iPhone and there is no sign that it is going to stop anytime soon.

Well congrats to Apple for having such a large number of active devices in the world.

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