Apple LCD TV Will Cost $1500 For 42″ & $2000 For 55″: Launch In Early 2013

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Apple is expected to launch a Television set and now we have an idea on what price range it will adopt and what will be the screen size of these Apple LCD TVs.

We have had our fair share of rumors regrading an Apple TV for quite some time. The rumors first started when Walter Isaacson published biography of Steve Jobs and in it, Steve Jobs mentioned that he had “cracked the code” for building HDTV. Since then we have been barraged with rumors regarding this mystical Apple TV.

Further rumors have been pouring in since Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) gave a talk at D10 conference, although he did not mention anything specific to an Apple LCD TV but it was enough for Gene Munster, an analyst to predict about Apple LCD TV.

He expects Apple LCD TV will start with a price range of $1500 and $2000, for a 42″ and 55″ Apple TV respectively. If you compare that to an LCD TV of today, it is a huge price difference.

To compensate for the huge price difference Apple is going to introduce a revolutionary user interface and something we have all been familiar with, Apple’s voice command feature Siri.

Siri is going to be a key part of Apple TV allowing you to simply do everything with your voice. It is also expected that Apple will launch a separate section for apps regarding Apple TV.

Previously it was rumored that Apple might use OLED technology which is currently the latest but due to high price value of OLED, Apple will go for LCD.

Apple has always been very keen on its design, trying to perfect every inch of the current devices it offers for sale, Apple TV is going to be no different. Apple will keep gave the television set an aluminum outer casing and keep the number of wires to a minimum level.

Apple is expected to launch Apple LCD TV in early 2013 or late 2012. More will be coming on this stay tuned.

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