Leaked iPhone 5 Promo Video Shows What Users Really Want From iPhone 5 (Parody)

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iPhone 5 the most anticipated smartphone of the year has been getting so much attention from everyone that people have started making parody videos regarding it. Well here we bring you another “leaked iPhone 5 promo video” that shows what people actually want from the iPhone 5.

Adam Sacks made a parody video regarding what users want from the iPhone 5 and that is taking pictures of their food to show everyone else how happy they are.

Here in the video we have a so-called Greg Mansfield who appears to be the vice president of iPhone design talks about how they have gone back to the drawing board to create the perfect iPhone for users, who simply love their food.

iPhone 5 is only going to be a camera with Siri integration!

Check out the video below on how Adam takes on the fanboys.

So basically what people want from the iPhone 5 is only the camera feature. Well to a certain degree most people use their iPhone’s to take pictures of nearly everything, right?

Well as we get closer to the keynote date of the iPhone 5 that is rumoured to be September 12, all the rumours will finally be put to the test.

What do you think?

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