iPod Touch 6 Vs iPod Touch 5 (Video Review)

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After nearly three years, Apple has upgraded the iPod touch. The new iPod called the iPod Touch 6th generation has finally come to the market but before you decide to buy the device; why not compare it to the previous model? So let’s take a look at the video review of the iPod Touch 6 vs iPod Touch 5.

iPod Touch 6 is aesthetically almost similar to the iPod touch 5. If you have used the previous iPod then you would not find anything different in terms of: shape, size and weight. But the real enhancements are under-the-hood.

Apple has upgraded the processor from A5 with 512 MB RAM to A8 with one GB RAM. The specs tell the real story here. The upgrade is major when it comes to raw performance as the iPod Touch 6 crushes the iPod Touch 5 in numbers.

iPod touch vs iPod touch 5

Other changes to the iPod Touch 6 are to the camera which has been bumped from a five megapixel to eight megapixel. Although not jaw-dropping but definitely a welcoming feature.

Well check out the video review of the iPod Touch 6 vs iPod touch 5.

As you can see from the video, the numbers tell the real story. If you haven’t bought an iPod touch before and were thinking of buying one then this could be the one you are looking for. It is also a perfect gift or if you have children for them to play games on.

Well what do you think about the iPod touch 6?

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