iPhone 5SE Picture Alongside iPhone 5 Leaked

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We have been recently getting a lot leaks regarding an up-coming 4″ iPhone from Apple. Some people are calling it the iPhone 6C and some are calling it the iPhone 5SE; where SE stands for special edition. One thing that many people agree is, if Apple does release this iPhone, it will be a 4″ one and will look similar to the iPhone 5S. Well, today we have some kind of proof.

An image is circulating around the web, which shows the supposedly 4″ iPhone alongside an iPhone 5. From this picture you can see that this iPhone looks very similar to that of an iPhone 5; which some rumors had been mentioning it to be like that.

iPhone 5SE leak

This new Apple iPhone is expected to be aimed at mid-level markets such as in up-coming developing countries where people are ready to pay for smart phones but not too high prices.

Yesterday I posted some details regarding the iPhone 5SE, which is expected to come out in mid March in a special Apple event.

Well, we are going to get more and more details in the coming days!

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