Apple Will Launch A Wearable Smart Watch “iWatch”: NYT

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From quite a long time the Apple’s iWatch is one of the hot rumors roaming around. Thinking about a device which can work as a computer, two-way radio, mapping device or a television and most importantly, so handy that one can wrap it around his hand, seems just a fantasy. But this time it seems, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook might just go for this iWatch according to a new report from the New York Times. Check out some interesting details regarding the iWatch below.

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In Cupertino, Calif, in the headquarters of Apple, the fruit company is all set to come up with another big project after iPhone 5S. According to some close sources, it is expected that this time Apple is working on a smart watch by which Apple’s iOS platform can be operated! And, the main focus for the watch is that how a glass can be warped around human wrist and can turn into a smart watch. Till now Apple has not expressed any comments or any views about this watch but if this rumor turns out to be true, so there are tons of questions to be answered. Like how it will look like, what features it will consist of? What will be its price? What will be new about it? and many more. But for the answer of these questions we have to wait.

This rumor might turn true because, last year, when ultra-tough Gorilla glass, for iPhone, was made, engineers solved another tough task of creating bendable glass, called Willow Glass, this is a type of glass which can easily flip like a paper and is very flexible. So this means this Willow Glass might be an option for iWatch. And, Corning has been manufacturing Gorilla Glass for the iPhone for quite sometime, so you get the idea.

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Last year on a Chinese gadget site, it was stated that Apple is thinking about a smart watch and the watch will consist of Bluetooth and a 1.5-inch display. It also mentioned that Apple Inc. was expected to release the “iWatch” sometime in 2013. Now this new report from the New York Times just adds fuel to the fire.

Such devices can be expected from Apple because the company has always come up with some thing new, and like iPod nano it knows how to make smaller devices. Therefore making an iWatch couldn’t be that hard of a task for the most valuable company in the world.

iWatch isn’t just the main product here, there are many other big projects expected from Apple such as the Apple TV and Apple iCar too. But Apple is not the only one working on such wearable devices, Apple’s toughest competitor Google, is also working on Google glasses, and by checking out the videos of Google Glass, there is going to be a pretty tough competition.

Well until Apple gives us the official word, we can pretty much assume anything we want regarding an iWatch but this new report coming out of NY Times has a huge weight-age. So an iWatch by Apple can be a reality this year!


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